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Playing Online Bingo

Internet bingo is a very popular past time for many online players worldwide. There are a large number of bingo sites allowing players to enjoy a range of gaming styles and stakes.

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Online bingo is basically a game played with a card containing a grid of numbers and either a “caller,” who pulls random balls out of a hopper, or a randomly computer-generated number being called out. As players hear the numbers being called, they check their cards for matching numbers, and then tick off those with a marker of some sort. Generally speaking, the object of the game is usually to get all of one column, row, or diagonal. However, there are also versions that accept all four corners as a win, while others require an entire black-out of the card for a win.

There are four main types of bingo games offered online. The traditional style played in South America, Australia, and the UK is played on a 9x3 grid with 90-balls in play. The North American version features a 5x5 grid with the letters B-I-N-G-O atop the card and 75-balls in play. A 30-ball version of bingo is a condensed game with only 3x3 grids and a goal of blacking out the entire bingo card. Finally, the 80-ball game type utilises a 4x4 grid and is considered an in-between of the UK and North American versions of bingo.

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Whether you are in the UK, North America, or beyond, there is an online bingo-type game perfect for your taste. There are many sites offering these four main styles of bingo along with even more inventive and creative online bingo styles. No matter the style of bingo you choose to play, you can be in good company with the other millions of online bingo players worldwide.