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The chance game bingo is played both in bingo halls across the world and online. Players enjoy bingo for its simplicity and enjoyable casual game play. The game has four main versions: the US version with 75 balls, the UK version with 90 balls, the more rapid-paced 30-ball version, and a hybrid f the 90- and 75-ball version, played with 80 balls.

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US bingo, or 75-ball bingo, utilizes 75 randomly-chosen numbers. These numbers can either be computer generated- as with online and video versions of the game- or they can be represented by 75 balls, each featuring a different number, which are chosen at random by a caller.

The bingo card in a 75-ball game features a 5x5 grid of numbers below the letters B-I-N-G-O. Typically, numbers 1-15 are found under B, 16-30 are under I, column N contains 31-45, 46-60 are found under G, and the final 61-75 numbers are in column O. Players mark off the numbers as the caller announces them in hopes of making a pattern on their bingo card. In addition to the numbers on the card, the space in the centre of the card, below the N, is commonly a “free space.” This is an automatically-filled space of which all players may take advantage.

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Patterns in 75-ball bingo can vary from game to game. For instance, in one game, a full black out of the entire card is required to win, while in another round, players may only need to get a single row or column of numbers. When a player thinks they have a winning card they are customarily required to shout "Bingo!"

75-ball bingo is the style most commonly played in the United States and is often found in live games in bingo halls as well as in online forums. The game is popular all over the world for both entertainment and gambling.