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Bingo is played all over the world in bingo halls and on online gaming sites. The top four styles of bingo are the US version with 75 balls, the UK version with 90 balls, a condensed version with 30 balls, and a hybrid version with 80 balls. All games include a card with varying amounts of numbers set upon a grid pattern and a caller with either electronically selected numbers or mechanically selected numbered balls.

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90-ball bingo is the type most commonly played in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of South America. This version of bingo incorporates a bingo card or ticket with three rows and nine columns. These twenty-seven spaces are occupied as such: each row has five numbers and four blank spaces. In general, the first column is for numbers 1-9, meaning that each column accounts for approximately ten numbers, leading up to the ninth column, which is for numbers 81-90.

The game caller is responsible for calling out the numbers, which players are to mark off on their card. Winning patterns for 90-ball bingo include single lines- five numbers, two lines- ten numbers, or a full house, which is all fifteen numbers on the ticket marked off. Often, games are played in sets of three. This means that round 1 includes a single-line pattern to win, round 2 requires a two-line pattern to win, and the final round includes the full house pattern for a win. When a player thinks they have won a game, they can either yell out “Yes” or “Bingo” to notify the caller, who is also charged with the task of verifying winning bingo cards.

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90-ball bingo is most popular in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, and in parts of South America. In the UK, the game features a different card than the US version of bingo, which is played with 75 balls and uses a 5x5 grid card.