Online Party Bingo

When first looking at the Party Bingo site, it seems to be the average gaming website. However, Party Bingo offers a great set of extra features that you will not find on other sites. One of the biggest advantages the site offers is a tutorial system for basic play. This can be extremely helpful, especially to those that are new in the world of online gaming. This should not be taken to mean that the site only targets fresh players. Party Bingo is also a great site for veteran online bingo players as well. The site offers several exciting bingo games that come with some generous cash rewards.

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For those interested in signing up for a Party Bingo account a 300% welcome bonus is available for each new player. The minimum deposit for this bonus is 10. The site also offers a refer-a-friend bonus. Each friend whom you get to sign up and play on the site earns you an extra 50% deposit bonus.

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Party Bingo offers a number of different internet bingo games to keep you entertained. There are over 100 bingo games available at Party Bingo, with each offering a unique varied game pattern. The site offers new game specials each night and week. A player can expect a different game option each time they visit the site to play. One example of games that are available nightly are the Big Bingo game and the Speed Bingo game that is played from 8 to 9 each evening. Each weekend the site offers bingo games with 100 guaranteed. In addition, Party Bingo offers free games available each day so a player can familiarize themselves with playing on the site.

For people that are looking for different games from bingo, Party Bingo offers keno, video poker, and slot machine games available.